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Used Hitachi/YAMAHA SMT Machine




SMT Machine Nozzle Ceramic 311A KHY ‑ M7710 ‑...

SMT Machine Nozzle Ceramic 311A KHY ‑ M7710 ‑ A0 for YS YSM Series

1. Smoothness: The smoothness of the nozzle determines the core durability, so the nozzle is very smooth and durable.
2. Good Ceramic: High performance ceramic is not easy to turn white, which ensures stable working with high efficiency.
3. Ra0.2 Axes: Comes with Ra0.2 axes, the smoothness and sturdy structure of this SMT mounter nozzle is guaranteed.
4. Production: Excellent practicability and stability have largely improved production qualification rate, very reliable.
5. Great Craft: Derived from the powder smelting moulding, improves the accuracy and flatness of the nozzle reflector.

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